Procedure: Creating an icon resource

To create an icon resource, point to New in the Explorer menu and choose Icon. The Icon Definition window will appear.

  1. Name the icon resource.

Enter a name for the icon resource that identifies the icon being referenced.

  1. Select the resource library that contains the icon.

Use the Library drop-down list to select one of the resource libraries that has been added to the current dictionary. Refer to Libraries for details about adding a resource library to an application dictionary.

  1. Select the icon image to use.

Choose one of the icons in the list of icon resources from the selected resource library. The preview shows the icon selected.

  1. Specify the alternate image type.

Specify whether pictures or native pictures will be used for the alternate image. The alternate image will be displayed in cases where the resource library file cannot be accessed by the application.

  1. Choose the alternate image.

Use the Alternate Image lookup to choose which image will be used as the alternate image for the icon.

  1. Save the icon reference.

Click OK to save the icon reference.

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