Icon elements

An icon resource has a name, resource library location, icon resource, and alternate image. The Icon Definition window is used to set the characteristics of the icon resource.


Each icon resource must have a name. The name should indicate what image is used for the icon.


The library drop-down list specifies what resource library file the icon resource is being read from. When you use an icon resource from a resource library file, you must ship that resource library file with your application.

Icon resource

The available icon resources in the specified resource library file will be listed. Choose the icon resource you want to use. The preview image shows the icon selected.

Alternate image

Since the resource library file is separate from the dictionary that uses the icon, it is possible the dictionary could be used without the resource library being available. If the resource library cannot be found, the alternate image will be used in place of the icon. Specify whether a picture or native picture will be used for the alternate image, and then use the alternate image lookup to choose the image.

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