Procedure: Defining a table group

Use the following procedure to create a table group.

  1. View the table groups for the current dictionary.

In the Resource Explorer, choose Table Groups in the Base group for the current dictionary.

  1. Open a table group or create a new table group.

To view an existing table group, select one in the list and click the Open button in the Resource Explorer. To create a new table group, click the New button in the Resource explorer. The Table Group Definition window will appear.

  1. Enter the table group name and display name.

The table group name is used internally by Dexterity to reference and store the table group. In the Table Group Name field, enter the appropriate name for the new table group you are creating or modify the existing name.

In the Display Name field, enter the display name you want to use for the table group. The display name will be used any time the name of the table group appears in your application. The name can be the same as the table group name, or you can enter a different name.

  1. Select a series.

Select the series of the table group being created. This series is used to group table groups together, similar to how tables are grouped into series. Typically, the series selected is the same as the series of the tables in the table group.

  1. Select tables to be included in the table group.

From the Available Tables list, select the tables you want to include in the table group. Select each table in the Available Tables list and click Insert to add it to the Table Group Members list.

  1. Save the table group.

Click OK to save the table group.

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