Resource Explorer toolbar

The Resource Explorer toolbar provides access to all of the actions you can perform on resources. Some buttons are displayed only when source code control is enabled. Those are described in Using Source Code Control. The following table lists the buttons on the toolbar and a short description of each.





New/New Resource

Creates a new resource of the selected type.


Opens the resource selected in the resources list.


Deletes the resource or resources selected in the resources list.

Duplicate Resource

Opens the Duplicate window, allowing you to duplicate the selected resource.


Allows you to create and select worksets.


Compiles the scripts for the select forms, global procedures or global functions.

Compile Dictionary

Compiles all scripts in the current dictionary.


Opens the Resource Find window, allowing you to search scripts, messages and strings.

Reference Information

Opens the Reference Information window, allowing you to see how the selected resource is used in the dictionary.

Import from Text File

Allows importing resources into a dictionary from a text file.

Export to Text File

Allows selected resources to be exported from the dictionary to text files.

Report Destination

Allows you to preview a report and print its report definition.


Sets the view mode for the Resource Explorer.

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