Reports and the Report Writer

Reports can serve a wide variety of purposes, from printing checks to calculating the total sales to all customers in a particular state. They can be as formal as a department’s quarterly sales report, or as informal as a tally of users with access to a specified form. You can use the Report Writer to create reports that are as general or as specific as you need them to be. You can include a company logo or any other picture in a particular report. You can send reports to printers, to files or to the screen.

You can divide a report into several sections: report header, page header, additional headers, body, additional footers, page footer and report footer. Additional headers and footers allow you to create groupings on your report, starting a new section whenever the value in a particular field changes. For example, if your report contains the key field “Customer State,” you could have a section for each state, showing the state name in the header, and the total of customers in that state in the footer.

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