Report types

Dexterity allows you create two different types of reports: graphics reports and text reports. Unless otherwise specified in the Report Definition window, all reports created with the Report Writer are graphics reports.

Graphics reports can contain a variety of non-text objects, such as pictures, underlines and boxes. You also can use colors and multiple fonts in graphical reports. Reports that take advantage of graphical features can look more professional than text reports. However, as a result of the extra formatting, graphical reports take longer to print than text reports.

Text reports can use only the default font. They can’t contain graphical items such as lines or boxes. As a result, text reports print faster than graphical reports.

When either type of report is printed to a file rather than to a printer or to the screen, only the text of that report is sent to the file. Therefore, if you are creating a report specifically to be printed to a file, you should create it as a text report.

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