Report properties

To view report properties, be sure the Properties window is open. Select the arrow tool from the Toolbox and click anywhere in the background of the layout area to select the report. The following table lists the report properties.


Object property



The name displayed for the report at runtime.


The primary table from which data will be read for the report.


The key from the main table that will be used to determine the default sorting order for the report. An alternative sorting order can be defined using the Sorting Definition window.


The display name for the main table selected for the report.


Specifies the number of records that will be printed on the report. For example, the value 10 indicates only the first 10 records will be printed. The default value is 0, which indicates that all records will be printed.


The name of the report. This name is used to refer to the report in scripts.


Specifies the page orientation that will be used for the report. Printer Setting will use the orientation for the printer currently selected. Portrait will always use portrait orientation. Landscape will always use landscape orientation.


Lists the resource ID of the report.


Indicates the series the report is assigned to.


Indicates what type the report is. It can be one of the following: Graphics, Text, or Text (Variable CPI).

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