Creating a report layout

Click the Layout button in the Report Definition window to access the Report Layout window and Toolbox.

The Report Layout window will be displayed differently depending on whether you are creating a graphics or text report. Changes affect the tools shown in the Toolbox and the width of layout area.


The type of report being created is displayed in the Toolbox, next to the arrow tool. Also, several tools are available only when creating graphics reports, such as the line and picture tools.

Layout area

For a text report, the layout area includes a left border, a right border and two intermediate vertical guides. These guides mark the positions 80 characters and 132 characters from the left margin. They can help you more precisely place fields in the layout area and are especially useful if you’re using a preprinted form and have specified a fixed pitch text option. Then, regardless of the printer printed to, you are assured of proper placement of fields.

For graphics reports, the layout area simply includes the left and right borders.

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