The order of the headers and footers

If you’re creating two or more additional headers, or two or more additional footers, be sure to create them in the correct order. They will be evaluated in the order they appear on the report layout. For example, if you create three additional footers, the first will appear in the report layout toward the bottom, next to the report footer. The second will appear above the first, and the third will appear between the second additional footer and the report body, as shown in the following illustration.


You can specify where an additional header or footer should appear. In the Report Section Options window, highlight the additional header or footer that should appear directly above the one you’re adding, then create the section as usual.

If you aren’t satisfied with the order of your additional headers or footers, you must delete the header or footer you want to move, then re-create it in the desired location.

Be sure to consider the report’s sorting order when determining the placement of your additional headers and footers. Remember that an additional header or footer prints when the data in the field it’s based on changes. For example, if the field that Header 2 is based on changes before the field that Header 1 is based on, Header 2 will print first. Therefore, if you always want Header 1 to appear before Header 2, be sure that the field you base Header 1 upon appears in the sorting order before the field Header 2 is based on.

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