Creating legends

To add legends to the Report Layout area, follow these steps:

  1. Select Legends from the drop-down list in the Layout tab of the Toolbox.

The scrolling window below the list will be filled with the word Legend followed by an array index (such as Legend[1] and Legend[2]).

  1. Drag a legend to the layout area.

Add legends to the report layout area sequentially, beginning with Legend[1]. You can add the same legend to report multiple times if you want that legend’s value to appear in multiple locations on the report.

  1. Add additional legends to the layout area.

You can add up to 255 legends the layout area. Add the first 30 legends by selecting a legend from the scrolling window in the toolbox and dragging it to the layout area. To add additional legends, drag a legend from the toolbox to the layout area, and double-click it to open the Report Field Options window. Use this window to change the array index of the legend. To change the array index, change the value of the Array Index field to appropriate index number, and click OK.

Be sure to resize each of your legends to accommodate the largest amount of information that could be included in it. If legends aren’t sized properly, information will be truncated.

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