Table definition requirements

Active locking must be enabled on a per-table basis by marking the Allow Active Locking option in the table’s Table Definition window.

For both active and passive locking to work properly in your application, every SQL table must include a column that is used to track the identity of individual records being locked.

If Dexterity creates your tables for you, this column will be added to each table automatically. You shouldn’t include this column in the table definitions you create using the Table Definition window.

If you create your tables through a method other than allowing the Dexterity runtime engine to create them, you must include a column in each table that is defined with the following characteristics:


Column name




Identity column






Dexterity uses this column internally. You don’t have to manipulate the column at all.

If you create your own tables outside of the Dexterity environment and do not include the DEX_ROW_ID column in each of your tables, active locking will not function properly for that table.

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