Configuring Dexterity

Before you can use source code control with Dexterity, you must enable and configure it. To do this, choose Options from the Edit menu and display the Source Control tab.

Specifying options

Mark the Use Source Control option to enable source code control, then specify the following settings:

Repository Name   This is the hostname or IP address of the machine that contains the repository and is running the Dexterity Source Code Control Server. If you are running Dexterity and the source code control system on a single machine, you can use the IP address or the hostname localhost to indicate the current machine.

If you have changed the port used for the DSCCS server, you must specify the new port number at the end of the Repository Name string. Append a colon and the number of the port to use. For example, if you are using port 2726, the Repository Name string would look like this:


User Name   Enter the user name you were assigned when the source code control provider was set up.

Password   Enter the password you were assigned when the source code control provider was set up.

Project Name   Enter the name of the project you want to use in the repository. You can click the lookup button to view a list of projects available in the repository.

Temp File Location   Many temporary files are created as resources are checked into and out of the repository. Specify the location where you want these temporary files placed. The location you choose should have at least twice as much disk space available as the size of the dictionary you will be storing in the repository.

Original Dictionary   This setting is used only if you are creating an application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. For resources to be properly checked into the repository, you must specify the location of an unmodified original dictionary for the version of Dynamics.dic dictionary for which you are developing.

Options   Several options can be specified when setting up source code control. Typically, you will mark the options to compile after source code control operations and to be prompted when opening items that are not checked out. If you will be performing builds of the dictionary, you should also mark the option to enable administrative features.

Validating the connection

Once you have specified the options for source code control, click Validate Connection to verify that a connection could be made to the repository. A dialog should be displayed indicating the connection was made. If the connection couldn’t be validated, check the following:

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