Configuring the repository

Before you can use source code control with Dexterity, you must configure the repository. The tasks required depend on the source code control provider you are using. As an example, you must complete the following tasks when using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe as the source code control provider:

Add users

In this process, you define the users that will be able to access the source code control system. Typically, this involves assigning a user ID and password for each user.

Create a project

The project is a specific area in the source code control repository that will store the resources for your application. For consistency, the project should have a name similar to the name of the dictionary you will be storing in the repository.

Set access rights

Some source code control providers such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe allow you to control what actions users can perform with a specific project. You may want to set access rights for individual users after you create the project.

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