Checking in a new dictionary

The first action you must perform when using source code control is to check your dictionary into the repository. You will perform this process only one time for each dictionary you are placing into the repository. During this process, source files are created for all of the resources in the dictionary, then checked into the repository. To check in a new dictionary, complete the following procedure:

  1. Open the dictionary to check in.

In Dexterity, open the dictionary you want to check in. Notice in the Resource Explorer that all resources have New as the source code control (SCC) state.

  1. Open the Check In to Repository window.

To open the Check In to Repository window, point to Source Control in the Explorer menu and choose Check In.

  1. Select the source files to check in.

Because you’re checking in the dictionary for the first time, click Insert All to indicate you want to check in all source files for the dictionary.

  1. Add a Check In Comment.

Each time you check source files into the repository, you are required to supply a Check In Comment. This comment should supply information about why you are checking specific source files into the repository. In this case, the comment should indicate this is the initial check in for this dictionary.

  1. Check in the source files.

Click Check In to begin checking source files into the repository. A dialog box will be displayed, indicating progress as source files are checked into the repository. When all source files are checked in, click Close to close the Check In To Repository window.

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