Examining the repository

Once you have checked source files into the repository, you can examine them using the Resource Explorer. You could also use the software included with the source code control provider.

Using the Resource Explorer

When you enable source code control in Dexterity, the Repository item is added to the tree view on the left side of the Resource Explorer.

When you select an item in the Repository tree, information about the selected category is retrieved from the repository and displayed in the Resource Explorer. You can see the current version of each source file, as well as who may have the source file locked.

Using the source code control provider

You can also use software included with your source code control provider to view the contents of the repository. For example, you could used the Visual SourceSafe Explorer to view the contents of the repository.

Typically, you will only need to work with the repository from within Dexterity. However, using a tool such as the Visual SourceSafe Explorer allows you to see how the source files are actually stored in the repository. Notice that the hierarchy created in the repository closes matches how source files are organized by Dexterity.

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