Creating new resources

When you create new resources for a dictionary, you must ensure that the new resources are also added to the repository.

Standard resources

Standard resources are those that each have their own source file in the repository. When you create a new standard resource, such as a table or a form, it will have the source code control state New. To add it to the repository, simply check it into the repository.

Base resources

With base resources, all resources of a specific type are stored in a single source file. When you want to create a new base resource, such as a data type or field, you must first check out the source file that contains all of the resources of that type. If you try to create a new base resource, but don’t have the appropriate source file checked out, a warning will be displayed that prompts you to check out the necessary source file.

Once you have checked out the source file, you can create new base resources. When you have finished, check the source file back into the repository.

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