Developing an application

As usual, you will develop your integrating application in a development dictionary. Remember that a development dictionary is the Dynamics.dic dictionary that contains the forms and reports you modified, as well as the additional resources you’ve added.

Preparing the development dictionary

Before you begin the development process, it’s important that the resources in the development dictionary (Dynamics.dic) are in the correct state. All existing resources should be in the Main Product state, indicating they are not third-party resources. You can check this in the Resource Explorer.

If all of the resources in the development dictionary indicate they are in the New state, the source file state must be updated before you can continue developing your integration. To update the source file state, complete the following procedure.

  1. Enable SCC administrative features.

In the Options window in Dexterity, display the Source Control tab. Mark the Enable Administrative Features option and click OK.

  1. Open the development dictionary.

If you haven’t done so already, open the Dynamics.dic dictionary you plan to use for development.

  1. Select the appropriate repository.

You must choose an empty repository, or the repository that contains the resources from a previous version of your integration. You will be updating the state of the source files for the dictionary based on the content of this repository.

  1. Update the source file state.

In the Explorer menu, point to Source Control and choose Update SCC State. A dialog will be displayed, indicating the source file states are being synchronized with the repository.

When the process is complete, the Resource Explorer will show that the resources from the dictionary are in the Main Product state. The development dictionary is now ready for use.

Adding new resources

You can add resources of any type to the development dictionary. When you add new resources, they will be in the New source code control state, allowing you to check them into the repository.

Main product resources

All of the original resources in the development dictionary will be in the Main Product source code control state. The only original resources you can modify are forms and reports. When you modify an original form or report, its source code control state will change to New, allowing you to check it into the repository.

Remember that an original form or report you modify is called an alternate form or report.

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