Creating a launch file

The runtime engine can be used to create a launch file for an application dictionary, but before that can happen, you must have added product information to the application dictionary. Refer to Setting Product Information for information about adding product information.

The runtime engine along with necessary DLLs, DEX.DIC, and the application dictionary should all be in the same location in order for the launch file to be created properly. No other application dictionaries should be in this location. To create a launch file, perform the following steps:

  1. Start the runtime engine.

Use the Windows Explorer and double-click the runtime engine (Dynamics.exe) file.

  1. Choose Create Launch File from the File menu.

A dialog box will appear containing the default name of the launch file. You can change the name of the launch file if you want. Click Save. The launch file will be created.

  1. Choose Open Launch File from the File menu.

A dialog box will appear. Locate the launch file you created and click Open. The application’s main menu will appear.

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