Testing the installation process

At this point, you’re ready to test the installation procedure. Make copies of the runtime engine, the DEX.DIC file, necessary DLLs, your dictionary chunks, the empty launch file, and any other necessary files (such as online documentation files or sample data files) and place them in a folder or directory.

The components you’re assembling here are the same components you’ll be sending to your customers.

As an example, the files necessary to install the Real Estate Sales Manager application are shown in the following illustration.


Be sure you’re using copies of the launch file and dictionary chunk files. The launch file will have information added to it and the dictionary chunk files will be deleted during the installation process.

When all of the files are in place, start the installation process by starting the application as you normally would. In a few moments, you should see a dialog box indicating that the dictionary chunks are being included and the application dictionary is being synchronized. Any installation scripts will be run. When these processes are complete, your application should be running.

If your application doesn’t install properly, check the following:

After installation, a single application dictionary will have replaced the chunk dictionary or dictionaries. The launch file will have been updated to contain the correct location of the application dictionary.

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