Additional components

This section describes several additional components you may need to include some additional components with your installation.

DEX.INI file

If you would like your application to use its own DEX.INI file, be sure you include one with your application. You should install this file in the same location as the runtime engine. This ensures that your application will use this file instead of the file in the default location.

If you don’t include your own DEX.INI file, one will be created in the default location. The default location is the windows directory.

Windows Data Access Components

Windows Data Access Components (Windows DAC) must be installed in order for Dexterity or the runtime engine to launch properly. If Windows DAC isn’t installed, you will receive an error message indicating Dexterity or the runtime engine can’t find certain ODBC components.

When packaging a stand-alone application, you need to ensure that Windows DAC is installed so the runtime engine will work properly. The components for Windows DAC are included on standard Windows installations, beginning with Windows XP.

SQL stored procedures

If your application will use Microsoft SQL Server, be sure to include any stored procedures you created that are required for your application.

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