Updating forms and reports dictionaries

If your customers have been using the Modifier to modify forms or the Report Writer to modify reports, you need to ensure that the forms and reports dictionaries are updated properly. Otherwise, your application may not operate correctly.

The runtime engine has a built-in mechanism to ensure the forms and reports dictionaries being used are compatible with the application dictionary. When you add product information to an application dictionary, you supply a compatibility ID that uniquely identifies the version of your application.

When you launch your application, the runtime engine compares the compatibility ID in the application dictionary with the compatibility IDs in the forms dictionary and reports dictionary. If the compatibility IDs match exactly, items in the forms and reports dictionaries can be accessed. If the IDs don’t match, the user won’t be allowed to access items in the forms and reports dictionaries. If this occurs, the compatibility message you supplied when you added product information for the application dictionary will be displayed. You should provide information in this message describing how to update the forms and reports dictionaries for your application.

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