The Names window

Clicking the Names button displays a list of resources in the current dictionary, allowing you to retrieve the name of a specific resource and paste it into a script.

When you open the Names window, the resource names displayed will be determined by where you’re attaching the script. By default, the Names window will attempt to display a list of window fields for the window most closely associated with the resource you’re attaching the script to. For example, if you’re attaching a script to a window field, the Names window will list other fields in the window. If no associated window is apparent, such as when you’re attaching a form script, the resource list will be empty.

If you’re looking for the name of another type of resource or one in a different location, use the buttons on the right side of the Names window to navigate to the proper location, starting at the most general location. For example, to find the name of a field in another window on another form, first click Forms and select the appropriate form from the resource list. Then click Windows and select the appropriate window from the resource list. Next, click Window Fields to view a list of window fields. Select the appropriate window field and click OK to copy the name to the clipboard.

Once you click OK, the Names window will close and the Script Editor window will be displayed. Place the insertion point where you want the name to appear in the script and choose Paste from the Edit menu. The name will be added to your script with its simple name or, if necessary, its qualified name.

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