Script menu

The Script menu is available only when the Script Editor window is open. The items in this menu allow you to search and replace text in the script. You can also check the syntax of the script, save the script source, and drill down to function and procedure scripts. The following table lists the items in the Scripts menu.


Menu item



Opens the Find window, allowing you to search for a specific text string. The search is case sensitive. If text is selected in the Script Editor, this text will be used as the search string.

Find Next

Finds the next occurrence of the specified text string.


Allows you to search for a specific text string and replace it with another text string.

Replace and Find Next

Replaces the currently highlighted text with the specified replacement text, then attempts to find the next occurrence of the specified search string.

Find Matching Bracket

When the insertion point is between a set of matching brackets, selecting this item causes the text between parentheses (), square brackets [], or braces {} to be selected. If no matching brackets are found, the Script Editor will beep and no text will be selected.

Open Script

Opens the highlighted procedure or function script. Refer to Script drill-down for more information.

Save Source

Saves the script source to the dictionary without compiling it.

Check Syntax

Checks the syntax of the current script. The script isn’t compiled or saved.

Convert Script Periods

Converts the statement terminator from a period to a semi-colon.

Class Browser

Opens the Class Browser window to look up information about COM objects.

The Find and Replace menu options search only from the current insertion point position to the end of the script. To ensure the entire script is searched, move the insertion point to the beginning of the script before choosing Find or Replace.

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