Scripting overview

Scripts are the essential element that allow an application to perform useful work. In Dexterity-based applications, scripts perform three basic functions:


While these are the basic functions a script can have, any particular script may perform one or more of them.

Performing calculations

In almost all cases, applications written with Dexterity perform some type of calculations based on data supplied by the user or previously stored in tables. Performing Calculations describes special situations you should be aware of when performing calculations in your application.

Controlling the user interface

Another common task for scripts is controlling the user interface. Some scripts may perform actions as simple as opening or closing windows. Many scripts are required if your application uses powerful user interface elements, such as a tree view or list view. Working with Controls, provided detailed information about how to use scripts with these types of controls.

Working with data in tables

The majority of the code in most Dexterity-based applications is needed to work with tables. The ability to successfully work with data in tables is the single most important skill you need to create good applications with Dexterity. Working with Tables, provided detailed information about how to work with tables in Dexterity-based applications.

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