Using lookups

Lookups can be used for fields in the scrolling window. One method of implementing a lookup is to specify a lookup form for a global field that is used in the scrolling window. Use the Field Definition window to specify a lookup form for the global field. When the focus is in that field in the scrolling window and the user chooses Lookup, the designated lookup form will be opened and a value returned to the scrolling window field.

You can also use directed hyperspace mode and link a scrolling window field to a push button in the window where the scrolling window is located. To do this, you must instead link the scrolling window field to another push button you’ve added to the scrolling window layout. This additional push button should be made invisible and non-editable and should be located below the big line item so it isn’t displayed in the scrolling window. This “intermediate” push button runs the script for the lookup button located in the window. This is shown in the following illustration.


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