Table buffers

A buffer is a temporary storage area in memory. Each time you attach a table to a form, a table buffer is created for the table. If you attach a table to more than one form, each form will have its own table buffer for that table.

A table buffer can hold one record of information. The information in the table buffer comes from either windows that are part of the form or from the table, depending on whether you’re reading a record from the table or storing the information entered in a window.

The relationship among forms, windows, table buffers and tables is shown in the following illustration.


Note that there is a table buffer for each table attached to a form, and that Table 2 is attached to both Form A and Form B, so each form has a table buffer for Table 2.

Now that you have an understanding of the relationships among forms, windows, table buffers and tables, you’ll see how they work together to save, retrieve and delete records from tables.


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