Memory-based tables

Memory-based tables are just like standard c-tree tables. In Dexterity release 8 and earlier, these tables were stored in memory, rather than written to a physical disk. Beginning with Dexterity release 9, memory-based tables are no longer stored in memory. Instead, they’re written to the following location in the Documents and Settings folder for the current user:

User_Name\Local Settings\Temp\TNTxx

While memory-based tables were slightly faster than disk-based tables, you won’t see a significant change in performance with this change. The change was necessary due to the number of large memory-based tables that were being used at one time. As memory became fragmented, no contiguous blocks large enough could be allocated to complete table operations. In some cases, this problem caused application errors that affected end-users. The change to disk-based tables eliminates this issue.

Information about memory-based tables is divided into the following sections:


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