Form procedures

Form procedures are functionally the same as standard procedures, except they’re associated with a specific form. Form procedures can be used to group procedures that perform tasks associated with a specific form. They can also be used to take the place of scripts called with the run script statement, and when additional table buffers are needed for a form.

Creating form procedures

To create a form procedure for a specific form, open the Form Definition window for the form. Click the Scripts tab and choose Procedures as the type of script to display. Click New to create a new procedure or select an existing procedure and click Open. The script editor will appear, allowing you to edit the procedure script.

Calling form procedures

Form procedures are called like standard procedures, except that the of form form_name clause must be included in the call statement.


The following statement calls the form procedure Delete_Customer_Record attached to the Customer_Maintenance form.

call Delete_Customer_Record of form Customer_Maintenance;

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