Process groups

Process groups allow you to define a set of procedures that must be completed in a designated order, without interruption from another process. This allows a group of related procedures, such as those used to post transactions, to be processed or deleted as a single group. To set up a process group, use the begingroup and endgroup statements. These statements define the beginning and ending points of a process group. The basic syntax for a process group is shown below:

begingroup group_name assign to group_ID;
	call {background|remote} Procedure_2 {, parameter_list};
	call {background|remote} Procedure_3 {, parameter_list};
	call {background|remote} Procedure_4 {, parameter_list};
endgroup group_ID;

In this example, the procedures Procedure_2, Procedure_3 and Procedure_4 will be processed as a single item in the process queue. Individual procedures and process groups sent to this queue will then be completed in the order in which they’re sent to the queue:


To view items in the process queue at a workstation, display the Process Monitor window by choosing the Process Monitor menu item.

Background and remote process groups

Process groups can be set up for either background processing or remote processing.

Process group guidelines

The following general guidelines apply when using process groups with remote and background procedures.

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