Using a DLL with Dexterity

Dexterity applications running can call 32-bit DLLs. 16-bit DLLs cannot be used. Dexterity has its own DLL, XDLL32.DLL, that provides support for calling external 32-bit DLLs. This is shown in the following illustration.


Before you can use a DLL in your application, you must create a procedure that will be used to pass parameters to the DLL. This procedure is used only to specify the type of parameters that are required for the DLL to run properly when called from another script. The procedure isn’t called in the typical manner using the call statement; the extern statement is used instead. The extern statement calls the procedure, using the DLL name and passing the actual parameters you want to use with the DLL. No statements in the procedure are executed because the procedure doesn’t actually run.

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