Consider implementing the following features in your application.


Make your application customizeable. The most common customization is support for system colors and custom colors. You could also provide access to the Modifier and Report Writer.

You may choose to use defaults file settings to store customization options. Any customizations you make available should be accessed through an options window. Don’t make users edit the defaults file directly. Be sure to document any defaults file settings you use. Don’t make defaults file settings mandatory. Your application should be able to run properly, regardless of defaults file settings.

Data import and export

If your application can use existing data from other applications, such as a customer address data, you may want to provide a method of importing data into your application. Typically data is imported from text files.

Your application should have some means of exporting data. Typically, data is exported to text files. You could write scripts that export data to text files, or you could create reports that export the data to text files. The ability to export data allows users to work with your application’s data in other applications.

Setup information

Your application should provide information about the current setup. Typically, this information is provided in the application’s About Box and includes the following:


Having this information accessible makes supporting the application easier, because you can easily find out characteristics of the system.


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