Testing Dexterity applications

You will want to consider the following items when you plan how to test your Dexterity application.

Database types

You should test all of the different database types your application will support. Refer to Dexterity Limits for a list of the limits for the various database types.

Network operation

If your application will be operating in network environments, you should run your tests for each environment you will be supporting.

Multiple users

If multiuser operation is supported by your application, be sure to test your application with multiple users.

Video configurations

Check the sizes of your application’s windows for the different video configurations you will be supporting. Be sure you haven’t made windows too large to appear normally when using lower-resolution video displays. Also, be sure to check how your application looks on a monochrome or gray-scale display.

Reports and printing

Be sure to test how reports are printed for each platform and printer your application supports.

Tool access

If you are licensing and providing access to tools such as the Report Writer or the Modifier, be sure they can be accessed properly from within your application.

Windows DLLs

If you have written any DLLs to be used with your Dexterity application, be sure these are thoroughly tested.

Online help

If your application has online help, be sure you’ve tested it thoroughly to ensure it is operating properly and that correct information is displayed.

Printed documentation

Verify that descriptions and procedures described in the documentation match the behavior of the software.

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