The Macro menu

The macro system is accessed from the Macro menu in Dexterity. In test mode or with the runtime engine, the macro system is accessed from the menu that has inherited the macro system items. The following items are available in the Macro menu:

Play/Stop Play

This menu item allows you to select and play a macro file. When a macro is running, this menu item allows you to stop the macro.

Record/Stop Record

This menu item opens a dialog box that allows you to name a new macro file. You can then begin recording actions. Once you’ve finished recording the macro, choose Stop Record.


This menu item allows you to pause a macro that is currently playing. Choose Continue to resume playing the macro.

Suspend Recording/Resume Recording

This menu item suspends recording a macro, allowing you to perform other tasks. When you want to resume recording the macro, choose Resume Recording.


When a macro is paused, selecting this item causes the next statement in the macro file to be run.

Insert Pause

When a macro is being recorded, selecting this item allows you to insert a pause in the macro. A window will appear, prompting you to enter the string that will be displayed when the pause is encountered during playback.

When the macro is played, a dialog box containing the message will be displayed.

Close the dialog box and choose Continue from the Macro menu to allow the macro to continue running.

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