Range object

A Range object specifies an area in a document. Once you have created a Range object, you can insert text, tables, and paragraphs into a document.

Specifying a range

You can use the Range method from the Document object to specify a range in a document. You can specify the beginning and ending characters of the range.

{Specify a range that includes the first ten characters in a document.}
wordRange = document.Range(0,10);

If you do not specify beginning or ending characters, the returned range is the entire document.

You can also use the Range property from a Paragraph object, a Cell object, or a Table object to specify a range. The returned Range object spans from the beginning to the end of the object associated with the property.

{Creates a range that spans a paragraph.}
wordRange = paragraph.Range;

Inserting text

To insert text before a range, use the InsertBefore method.

{Insert "Customer List" before a range.}
wordRange.InsertBefore("Customer List");

To insert text after a range, use the InsertAfter method.

{Insert "Customer Name" after the range.}
wordRange.InsertAfter("Customer Name");

If you are inserting text after a range retrieved from a Paragraph object, the text becomes part of the next paragraph.

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