Field object

The Field object allows you to work with the fields in a record. The Fields collection contains all of the fields in a record.

Retrieving a field

You can retrieve a field from the Fields collection with the Item property by the number associated with the field.

{Retrieve the first field from the record.}
recordField = recordset.Fields.Item[0];

You can also access fields by the field name.

{Retrieve the field named "BuyerID".}
recordField = recordset.Fields.Item["BuyerID"];

Retrieving and setting a field’s value

Use the Value property to retrieve the value of a field in a record. The property returns the field value of the record that the recordset is currently pointing to.

{Retrieve the value of the first field in the last record.}
fieldValue = recordset.Fields.Item[0].Value;

You can also use the Value property to set the value of a field.

{Set the value of the BuyerID field in the next record.}
recordset.Fields.Item[0].Value = 'Buyer ID';

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