The anonymous() function is used when registering object triggers. It allows you to refer to a resource without requiring that the resource be open.


anonymous (resource_name)


resource_name – A fully qualified name denoting the field, form, window, table or menu to reference.

Return value

An anonymous reference to the specified resource.


The anonymous() function can only be used as a parameter for another statement or function, or when passing a reference to a table buffer to a procedure. You will receive a compiler error if you try to use this function in any other capacity.

To ensure proper registration, we suggest that all triggers be registered using a startup procedure that will run prior to the main dictionary’s Main Menu form pre script. However, since this startup script is run before any windows in main dictionary are actually opened, resources named in the startup script won’t be open, and in some instances may not exist. To avoid any problems this may cause, use the anonymous() function to refer to these resources.

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