copy to table


The copy to table statement transfers the contents of all auto-copy fields from the windows for the current form to the specified table buffer.


copy to table table_name


table_name – The name of the table buffer you wish to copy data into.


Exercise caution when using the copy to table statement when the same field is used on several windows of a form. The copy to table statement will copy the fields from the main window to the table buffer, then copy fields from any child windows (other windows for the form) to the table buffer. If the common field on the child window has a different value, the contents of that field will be copied to the table buffer, replacing any value from the field on the main window. This will occur even if the child window isn’t open. One solution is to be sure that all the fields common to several windows have the same value. Another solution is to set the table buffer to the contents of the field after the copy to table statement.

Window fields are specified as auto-copy using the AutoCopy property in the Properties window.

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