disable field


The disable field statement disables one or more fields. When a field is disabled, the field is displayed in gray and can’t be accessed by the user.


disable field field_name{, field_name, field_name, ...}


field_name The name of the field to be disabled. Multiple fields can be disabled by listing each field’s name, separated by a comma. Because the fields can be in different windows, be sure to fully qualify the field names of fields not in the current window.


When the form or window is restarted, all disabled fields will revert to their original state as defined in the Properties window. However, if the field is disabled by the window pre script, it will be disabled again, as the window pre script runs each time the form or window are restarted.

The contents of a disabled field can still be manipulated by scripts.

The disable field statement can’t be used in scrolling windows to selectively disable one or more fields on certain lines. However, it can be used before the fill window statement to disable one or more fields on all lines of the scrolling window.

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