fill window


The fill window statement fills a scrolling window from the linked table or another specified table. You can specify a starting place for the fill, and the key by which records will be sorted in the scrolling window.


fill window name {from top | from current | from bottom | redraw {up|down}}{table table_name | using current table}{by key_name | by number expr}


name – The name of the scrolling window to be filled.

from top | from current | from bottom | redraw {up | down} – The starting position for the window fill. Selecting from top fills the scrolling window with records from the top of the selected range. Selecting from current fills the scrolling window with records starting from the record currently in the table buffer. This record will appear at the top of the scrolling window. Selecting from bottom fills the scrolling window with records from the bottom of the selected range. Selecting redraw redraws the scrolling window without causing any of the displayed items to scroll. If no starting point is specified, the window will be filled from the top or bottom of the range, depending upon how the scrolling window’s ScrollToBottom property is set.

The optional up or down keywords for the redraw clause are used when a record currently visible in the scrolling window is moved to a different position in table used for the scrolling window. If you want to redraw the scrolling window to show the moved record’s new location, you need to indicate whether the record moved toward the beginning of the table (up) or toward the end of the table (down). This allows Dexterity to redraw the scrolling window and keep the moved record visible.

table table_name | using current table – Allows you to specify another table to fill the scrolling window from, instead of the linked table. If this parameter isn’t included, the linked table will be used to fill the window. You can explicitly specify the table to use with the table table_name clause. If you use the using current table clause, the table currently being used to fill the scrolling window will continue to be used.

by key_name | by number expr – Identifies the key to use when adding records from the table to the scrolling window. If one of these parameters isn’t included, the key specified by the scrolling window’s LinkTableKey property will be used.

You can identify the key by its name or by the key number. In the by key_name parameter, key_name is the key’s technical name. In the by number expr parameter, expr is an integer containing the number of the key, determined by its position in the table definition. For instance, the third key created can be identified by the number 3, and so on.

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