The getstring() function creates a dialog box that allows the user to enter a string, and returns a boolean value indicating whether the user clicked OK or Cancel in the dialog box. When the dialog is closed, the string will be returned in the variable named in the string_variable parameter.


getstring(prompt, password, string_variable {, context_number})


prompt – A message string that will be displayed in the dialog box.

password – A boolean value indicating how the entry will be displayed. If set to true, the entry will appear as Xs, preventing others from seeing what is being entered. If set to false, the user’s entry will appear normally.

string_variable – If this variable contains a value, it will appear as a default when the dialog is displayed. When the user closes the dialog by clicking OK or Cancel, the value in the dialog will be returned to this variable.

context_number – An optional long integer representing a help context number associated with a specific topic in the online help file for the current dictionary. If this parameter is used, a button labeled Help will appear in the dialog box. If a user presses the Help button, the specified help file topic will be displayed.

Return value

A boolean. If OK was clicked, the value of true is returned, and the string entered by the user is returned to the string_variable parameter. If Cancel was clicked, only the boolean value false is returned.

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