open form


The open form statement opens a specified form.


open form form_name {return to field_name {, nofocus}}


form_name – The name of the form to be opened.

return to field_name – Indicates the script that’s opening the form requires a piece of information to be returned to the specified field in the window from which the form was opened.

nofocus – Including this keyword prevents the focus from moving to the field to which a value is being returned. The change script for the field to which a value is being returned will still be run when the value is returned.


A typical use for the open form statement is in a change script for a button that opens a form. The optional return to field_name clause signifies that when the form being opened is eventually closed, some piece of information from that form will be returned to the field named in the field_name parameter. The post script of the form being opened by this statement should contain a return statement that returns the information requested. This feature is useful for lookup windows and creates the basis for inter-form communication.

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