reject record


The reject record statement is used in the fill script for a scrolling window. It’s used to reject records that you don’t want displayed when a scrolling window is filled.


reject record




Rejecting a record keeps the record from being displayed in a scrolling window only. It doesn’t affect the data in the table.

Scrolling performance can be severely reduced if many of the records are rejected, since the scrolling window will continue searching for records until the window is filled. Once the reject record statement is encountered in the fill script, the record will be rejected and the fill script will end.

This statement is used in the Security procedure to deny access to a form, report or table. It is also used in trigger scripts to abort processing.

When a reject record statement is executed, the current script is halted, and the remaining scripts in the call stack are aborted.

When used in the trigger processing procedure for a scrolling window fill script trigger, the reject record statement will stop all pending script operations and prevent the current record from being displayed in the scrolling window.

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