run application


The run application statement starts another application.


run application application, parameters


application – A string expression or variable containing the name (and path, if necessary) of the application to be run. If the path is included, it must be specified in native format.

parameters – Any parameters to include when starting the application, such as the name of a file to open. If no parameters are required, a comma and pair of empty quotation marks must be used (," ").


For DOS and Windows applications, you don’t need to specify the complete pathname for the application if the path is already stated in the DOS Path command in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

The parameters are passed to the application exactly as they are entered in parameters. To use these parameters to open a file along with the application on a Macintosh, you must specify the complete pathname of the file to open. For Windows you must specify the complete pathname for the file to open if required by the application.

In Windows, you can open a file simply by passing an empty string to the application parameter and a complete path to the file as the second parameter. Be sure the path to the file is in native format. Based on the file’s extension, Windows will attempt to launch the appropriate application. For example, launching the file TEST.HTM would launch a web browser.

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