Local Resource Usage window: Fields


Current Dictionary

Displays the name of the current editable dictionary.


Allows you to select the series containing the form for which you want to print information about local resources.

Resource Detail

Use this drop-down list to indicate the information to include in the report. Choose one of the following options:


List the unused local resources.

No. Occurrences

List the number of occurrences of a local resource.

List Occurrences

List where a local resource is used.

Remove Unused

If you're printing a list of unused resources, you can mark this check box to remove the unused resources.


Displays forms in the selected series, and allows you to select the form for which you want to print local resource information.

Resource Type

Use this drop-down list to select the type of local resource for which you want to print information: Local Data Types, Local Fields or Local Scripts.


Lists resources of the specified type in the specified series and form. To include a single resource of the specified type on the report, select the resource in this list.

All Resources Listed

To include all resources listed in the Resources list, mark this check box.

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