Search and Replace window: Fields


Current Dictionary

Displays the current editable dictionary.

Search For

Allows you to enter the text that you want to find. The entry can be up to 255 characters. Note that the search is case-sensitive.

Replace With

Allows you to enter a replacement string, if desired. The entry can be up to 255 characters. If this field is left blank, the occurrences of the string you're searching for will be listed on the status report, but no text will be replaced.

Use caution when replacing strings using this utility. Any occurrences of the specified string will be replaced, including partial strings. For instance, if you replaced "Customer" with "Client", the field name Customer_Number would become Client_Number. You may want to search for the specified string and view the status report first. This will allow you to see which items will be replaced before you perform the replace operation.


Allows you to select the series containing the script to be searched.

Resource Type

Allows you to select the appropriate resource type. Select Forms to display a list of all forms in the selected series. Select Global Procedures to display a list of the global procedures in the selected series. Select Global Functions to display a list of the global functions in the selected series.

You can set a default series prior to beginning the search and replace process. Select the appropriate series from the Series list on the tool bar. Once specified, the selected series will appear as the default whenever a series can be selected in a window.


Displays resources of the type and series you selected, and allows you to select the global procedures, global functions or the forms containing the scripts you want to search.

Selected Scripts

Displays the scripts that will be searched. You can use the Remove and Remove All buttons to remove scripts from the Selected Scripts list.

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