Developer Update window: Fields


Source/Destination Dictionary

These fields display the current source and destination dictionaries.

Alternate Forms option

Mark this option if you made modifications to Microsoft Dynamics GP forms in the source dictionary and you want those changes transferred to the destination dictionary. A file dialog will appear, asking you to select an editable dictionary. Select an unmodified Dynamics.dic dictionary that is the same version as the dictionary containing your modifications. The utility will use this unmodified dictionary as a baseline to find out what modifications you made.

Unmodified Source

Displays the name of the unmodified Dynamics.dic dictionary you selected.

Alternate Forms list

Displays the names of all the forms in the source dictionary that you have modified. To transfer modified forms to the destination dictionary, select each form and click Insert. To transfer all modifications, click Insert All.

Selected Forms list

Displays forms for which you have chosen to transfer modifications to the destination dictionary.

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