Diagnostics window: Fields


Source Dictionary

Displays the name of the current source dictionary.

Information to Include

Mark the appropriate options to indicate the information you want included in the report:

Block Table

Includes a block table in the report. The block table lists information about each block in the dictionary, such as its size and location in the dictionary.

We recommend that you include the block table because if the Diagnostics Report finds any problems with the dictionary, they will be listed in the block table section.

Module Table

Includes a module table at the beginning of the report. The module table includes information about all modules in the dictionary, such as the quantity of each type of resource in each module.


Use this drop-down list to include module directory information. A module directory contains a list of all resources in the module, including the names of the resources, the resource types and IDs, the version number assigned to each resource, and the blocks in the dictionary in which the resources are stored. Select one of the following options:

No Directory Information

Don't include directory information.

Directory Information for Selected Module

Include directory information for only the module selected in the Dictionary Modules list.

Directory Information for All Modules

Include directory information for all modules in the dictionary.

Dictionary Modules

Lists available dictionary modules. To include information for a specific module on the report, select that module from the list.

If no items appear in the Dictionary Modules list, the section of the dictionary containing module information may be damaged. In this rare instance, nothing can be recovered from the dictionary.

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