Global Resources window: Fields


Source Dictionary

Displays the name of the current source dictionary.


Allows you to specify the series of the resources for which information will be reported.

Resource Type

Allows you to specify the type of global resource for which you want to print information. The following is a list of the resource types you can select, along with the information printed for each:

Composites - Name and the list of components.

Constants - ID, name and value.

Data types - Name, control type, keyable length, storage length and static values.

Table, Table Group, Form and Report lists - List name, list members and their internal and display names.

Formats - Attributes of the format.

Global Fields - Name, data type, control type, keyable length, storage length and static values.

Table Groups - Name, member tables and the table group display name.

Pictures, Mac pictures and Metafiles - Name and ID.

Messages - ID, name and message text.

Strings - ID, number of occurrences and the actual string.

Globals - Name and storage type.

Printing Options

Allows you to specify which resources to include in the report. Choose one of the following:

All Resources

Includes all global resources of all types in the report. This option may result in a lengthy report.

Listed Resources

Includes information about all resources listed in the Resources list.

Selected Resources

Includes a single resource of the specified type. Select the resource in the Resources list.


Displays resources of the series and type you specified. If you chose Selected Resource in the Printing Options section, you can select a single resource type to print.

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