User Interface Conversion window: Fields


Report file name

Enter the name for the report file that will log the results of the conversion, or accept the default name (CONVERT.TXT). The report lists any errors that occurred during the conversion, as well as any objects that the utility couldn't convert.

Use System Colors

Mark this option to change the FontColor, BackColor and LineColor properties for application objects to System. Once System becomes the default color, the object will inherit colors as defined using the operating system's control panel settings for color.

Use 3D Effects

Mark this option to set the Appearance property to 3D Border for the following objects that appear in standard windows. Items in scrolling windows are not affected.

Use Visual Indicator for Zooms

Mark this option to add a visual indicator to zoom field prompts. This utility will search for any static text overlapping a zoom push button (a push button whose Zoom property is true) and set the static text item's Zoom property to true.

Use Custom Colors for Prompts

Mark this option to use custom prompt colors for all cyan prompts (rectangles or single-line entry fields with their BackColor property set to Cyan) that are 18 pixels high.

Use Custom Colors For Scrolling Windows

Mark this option to globally apply custom color support for scrolling window lines. This utility will change the AltLineColor property for all scrolling windows to true. It also sets the BackColor, FontColor, Pattern and PatternColor properties to Custom. Scrolling windows will then display alternating scrolling window lines in the color you defined using the Field_SetAltLineColor() function.

Collapse Drop Down Lists and Combo Boxes

Mark this option to set properties for drop-down list and combo box fields. Drop-down lists appearing in the control area will be resized to 20 pixels high. All other drop-down lists will be resized to 18 pixels high. Combo boxes will be resized to 20 pixels high. Both drop-down lists and combo boxes will have the VisibleItems property set to 8.

Remove Fields from Tab Sequence

Mark this option to remove from the tab sequence any button with a picture as the static item (such as a lookup button or a browse button) by setting its TabStop property to false. This allows for more efficient data entry, since the tab sequence includes only fields used for keyboard entry. This option does not remove from the tab sequence buttons with text as the static item (such as a Save or Delete button).

Adjust Field Alignment

Push buttons with static text values now honor the Alignment property. Mark this option to properly set the alignment of text that appears on push buttons.

Correct Required, Editable, Visible Properties

Mark this option to correct some internal properties for window fields. These properties are used by the Modifier only. They do not affect the appearance of fields.

New Palette Style

Mark this option to update palettes to use the new palette style beginning with Microsoft Dynamics GP release 4.0.

Set change flag property for scrolling windows

Mark this option to set the SetChangeFlag property to True for all scrolling window fields. In early versions of Dexterity, this property didn't default to True for scrolling windows.

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