What eConnect can do

eConnect allows you to enhance your applications as follows:

  1. Add real-time access to Dynamics GP data.

    eConnect provides real-time access to back office data. It offers a way to add up-to-date back office information to existing front office applications like web storefronts or service applications.

    1. Share financial management data across applications.

      eConnect allows multiple applications to share financial management data. The eConnect interfaces can support a number of independent applications. Changes to financial data in Dynamics GP are simultaneously available to all applications with an eConnect connection to that company in Dynamics GP.

      Application integrations using eConnect include the following benefits:

      1. Reduce development time.

        eConnect has a large number of integration points for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Software developers can quickly add back office integration to an application. This reduces cost by simplifying the development effort while providing fast access to Microsoft Dynamics GP data. eConnect also reduces development time when the business logic contained in the back office is reused by new custom applications.

        An eConnect integration also reduces costs by reducing data re-entry. An automated eConnect integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP and a new or existing online storefront, web service, or other data source eliminates the time and cost of manually copying data.

        1. Reuse existing development tools.

          eConnect allows software developers to select their tool of choice when working with eConnect. Developers can use Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures, BizTalk, or MSMQ.

          1. Leverage industry-standard technologies.

            eConnect includes components for MSMQ and BizTalk Server, which are industry standard tools that support integration between applications.

            eConnect also uses XML documents to move data into and out of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The XML documents are a text-based representation of back office data. An XML schema specifies the data that is included in each type of XML document. This allows eConnect to provide back office integration to any application capable of creating or consuming these XML documents.